Amsterdam in May is full of colours and vibrancy, being the ideal month of the year to discover this city by cycling around its streets, taking a boat tour on the famous canals or simply backpack in the surrounding area of the city. Visiting Amsterdam in May is a must do for all of those that adore the buzzing of events and music festivals.


Amsterdam in May: to do list


#1 Attend the Dutch memorial & Liberation Day


Each year on May 4th and May 5th Netherlands celebrates Remembrance Day and Liberation Day. These two dates are very close to the Dutch, as they are meant to cherish and remember the fallen ones of World War II and, of course, celebrate being liberated from Nazi occupation.

An interesting fact is that the Netherlands is the only country known to celebrate their WWII memorial and victory celebration on two distinct days. The Dutch truly believe that both Liberation and freedom should be celebrated separately, as emotions need to be experienced with jubilation.

Both days are reserved for art exhibits, memorials and concerts. Our tip is to check restaurants in Amsterdam early in the morning as they offer free breakfast to celebrate the Liberation Day.


#2 Book a Private Day Trip to Keukenhof


May is the last month in which you can admire the famous fields of tulips at Keukenhof, being the main reason why we recommend booking a private day trip to Keukenhof from Amsterdam.

Keukenhof Gardens are considered to be the garden of Europe because of their delicacy and explosion of colours that appear each spring. A visit here is a must do if you want to experience the authentic feel of Netherlands. Millions of flowers will enchant your eyesight, while you can take in the mesmerizing smell of spring.


#3 Take a Private Amsterdam Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter tour


Another activity to do in May in Amsterdam is booking a walking tour and experiencing the city as Anne Frank did back in the day. This tour will get you an in-depth introduction about her life and history during the Second World War.

During this tour you will get the chance to receive in-depth knowledge about WWII, its consequences for the Jewish community and discover many interesting sites such as the Portuguese Synagogue, Rembrandtplein, Auschwitz Monument, Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam, Anne Frank House or the worldwide famous Spinoza monument.


#4 Attend the Moving Futures Festival


This is a rather unique dance festival held in distinct cities in Netherlands during the entire year. The Moving Futures Festival reaches Amsterdam during May, which is a great opportunity for admiring and encouraging new and young artists. From musical duets to outstanding one-on-one performances, you can observe how a new generation of artists can challenge the way in which we perceive the art of dancing.

This travelling dance festival in Amsterdam is great for making new, multicultural acquittances, whilst several public events such as performances, dance walks or dinners are available during the festival. If you aim to get a distinct glimpse about how life goes on in Amsterdam, this might be the place to start for you!


#5 Book a Day trip to Giethoorn, including a boat tour


An amazing day trip from Amsterdam is the one to Giethoorn. It will get you the opportunity of exploring the so-called Venice of the Netherlands, a landmark that must be on your travel to do list in Amsterdam.

With this day trip, you will get the chance of exploring the picturesque town of Giethoorn, the hidden beauties of the Dutch countryside, take a boat tours on the various waterways and admire those small farmhouses that are usually featured on Dutch postcards.

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Every year more than 15 million tourists opt for visiting Amsterdam. This means there are several months in which the city seems to be packed up with tourist crowds. Being a popular travel destination in Europe, Amsterdam rarely experiences a moderate tourist count.

Thus, our recommendation is to consider booking a trip to Amsterdam in April. As spring starts to bloom, this city gets a rather unique aura, whilst the variegated tulips that makes Holland so special start to appear everywhere.

April is a festive month for Amsterdam, as various events and activities are available for everyone to attend. Visiting the Keukenhof tulips gardens, attending the King`s Day Festival or going for a day trip to the countryside or windmills, are all things to do in Amsterdam in April. But if you want to experience all that this city has to offer, read on to find out our top recommendations on what to do in Amsterdam in April.


Amsterdam in April: to do list


#1 Book a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is commonly known under the pseudonym `Venice of the North`. So, if you want to get an authentic feel of this city, we recommend you try a canal cruise. There are several tours available, all of which will get you a full city tour of the main attractions. And we guarantee this will be an experience you will remember for years to come!


#2 Walking tour & Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Another activity to do in April in Amsterdam is booking a walking tour and experiencing the city as Anne Frank did back in the day. This tour will get you an in-depth introduction about her life and history during the Second World War.


#3 Rijksmuseum

Don’t forget to visit the museum district, especially the Rijksmuseum. This is one of those places in Amsterdam that will present Dutch history from a cultural point of view. Here you can admire one of the most influential works of art with historical significance. The Night Watch by Rembrandt Van Rijn or Self-Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh are the most important exhibits of Rijksmuseum.


#4 Heineken Experience for beer enthusiasts

Whether or not you enjoy beer, we suggest you include in your Amsterdam itinerary a visit to the Heineken brewery. Here you will get a glimpse on how beer is manufactured and you can even design your own Heineken!


#5 Day trip to Keukenhof

April is the perfect time of the year to visit Holland because that’s the moment when the famous land of tulips starts to bloom. Keukenhof is considered to be one of the largest flower gardens in Europe, which is why you can’t skip booking a day trip to Keukenhof gardens. Also, you can picnic in the garden or visit the bulb farms, that will get you an insightful look about horticulture and tulip gardens.


#6 Day trip to the Dutch Windmills at Kinderdijk

An important UNESCO World Heritage site, the windmills of Kinderdijk were constructed back in the 18th Century. Even though they are not so close to Amsterdam, it is an easy to reach location via public transportation.

Kinderdjik is one of the most popular Dutch towns that will offer you an authentic experience that you will only see in classic postcard images of Dutch windmills.

Yet keep in mind that in April the weather is usually extremely windy or rainy, so you will have to pack up some rain gear for this trip. As the windmills are located in an open field, the wind here usually feels stronger than in other parts of the city. So, some windproof jacket is a must have for this trip.


#7 Day trip to Zaanse Schans Windmills, Marken and Volendam

If you are looking for a day trip to the Dutch windmills from Amsterdam, you can consider booking a tour to Zaanse Schans Windmills, Marken and Volendam. Besides visiting the windmills, you will get the chance to experience the authentic flair of the fishing villages of Marken and Volendam, visit a Dutch cheese farm or even enjoy a ferry ride.


#8 Attend King’s Day Festival in April

One of the most famous events in Amsterdam held in April is, as you might guess, the King`s Day Carnival. You can view it as the world`s most impressive street birthday party, as everyone will celebrate the King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on the 27th of April.

Our tip is to pack in your travel bag something to wear that is orange, as for this festival everyone wears orange to show they pride for the Dutch royal family’s house – The House of Orange-Nassau.


#9 April hosts the National Museum Week

Another great reason for visiting Amsterdam in April is the fact that this month features the National Museum Week. Various museums take part to this event with exhibitions or workshops meant to offer an in-depth view of Dutch National History, along with World’s history. Hence, if you are both a history and art enthusiast, visiting Amsterdam in April is must!


#10 Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam

Well, this city has so many things to offer besides impressive architecture and beautiful landscapes, that we could write endlessly about it. Anyhow, another interesting activity to do in April in Amsterdam, is attending the famous Imagine Film Festival. Established back in 1991, this festival gained its place amongst the largest film festivals in Europe.


There a multitude of things to do in Amsterdam in April, including taking a tour around the Red-light district, exploring a popular street in the city named Warmoesstraat or checking out a brewery in Chinatown. Also, besides the museums we already mentioned, you can consider visiting the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the Rembrandt House Museum or the Albert Cuyp Market.

You should know that Amsterdam weather in April is volatile, which is why we recommend you pack warm clothes, light clothes, a waterproof jacket and waterproof boots. Some days are windy, some are rainy and some are extremely sunny.

And this wouldn’t be a complete guide on what to do in Amsterdam in April if we did not mention some must try Dutch delicacies, such as: raw herring, Bitterballen, Stroopwafel or Tompouce!

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March is the moment of the year when spring starts to bloom, making Amsterdam one of the most beautiful cities in Netherlands. The sun starts to shine more frequently, the outdoor cafes pop up again, while a multitude of things happen, as tourist crowds reappear on the city`s skyline.

If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam in March, you can opt for a couple of day trips in the surrounding area. Of course, you can attend famous festivals that praise popular beverage worldwide.


Amsterdam in March: to do list


#1 Visit the National Maritime Museum

This city takes pride in its waters and maritime-related activities. This is why a visit to the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam must be added to your travel to do list.

Located in one of the largest Golden Age buildings in Amsterdam, it features a vast maritime collection with naval maps, paintings, navigation tools or model ships. A couple of historic ships are nicely docked near the museum, which you can climb and discover. Our inside tip is to visit the replica of the VOC ship from the 1749, which will get you a glimpse of how important Dutch naval history it is.


#2 Book a Private Day trip of WW2 in the Netherlands

To continue the history lesson offered by the visit to the National Maritime Museum, you can book a private day trip from Amsterdam to important WW2 sites in Netherlands.

Your tour guide will drive you around and share interesting insights on how the WW2 in the Netherlands unfolded. The first stop will be Rotterdam, as it features several WW2 monuments or buildings that managed to survived the bombing. One of these is the Rotterdam White House.

After this, a stop to Arnhem, where the famous battle took place will definitely mesmerize you with its landscape and old flair.


#3 Book a Private Day trip to Delft and the Hague

Well, a trip to the Netherlands is not complete if you do not visit both Delft and the Hague.

Delft is a canal-ringed city in the Netherlands, known as the manufacturing base for Delftware, hand-painted blue-and-white pottery. In its old town, the medieval Oude Kerk you can visit the burial site of the Dutch Master painter Johannes Vermeer.

A day tour from Amsterdam to Delft will allow you to explore the place where the Delft Blue Pottery is born and the currently reigning House of Orange-Nassau. From here, your tour guide will get you to the Hague, the political centre of the Netherlands, an old town with memorable landscapes, like the 19th century restored City Hall.


#4 Attend the Coffee Festival in Amsterdam

In March, everywhere in Europe you will stumble upon coffee festivals, that will enchant you with the specific smell of freshly brewed coffee. And, of course, there is a Coffee Festival in Amsterdam in March.

This event is dedicated to coffee, tea and chocolate, being attended annually by a multitude of coffee lovers and not only. Workshops, coffee tastings, a mixologist competitions or latte art live, are all activities which you can admire and indulge into during this festival.


#5 Attend the Amsterdam Wine Festival in Spring

Another important culinary event in Amsterdam is the Spring Wine Festival. No matter if you are a connoisseur or simply an amateur who loves wine, you must visit this event while in Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Winefestival in March is that type of event that offers to its public the chance of tasting wines from South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and, of course, top European wines. Also, the overall atmosphere is accompanied by live DJs or bands, making it the perfect festival to get your spring mood going.

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Some might argue that winter months are too cold for visiting Amsterdam. Yet we truly believe that those exact months offer you something you won`t experience during spring or summer. And we think of the blessing of wandering around the old city centre, stopping for a hot beverage and indulging in the authentic, welcoming Dutch atmosphere.

Several festivals and activities are available to try, including street celebrations for the international holiday of Valentine`s Day. Romance is in the air, so you might want to jump on one of the city`s Love Boats and cruise the canals with your loved one!

Amsterdam in February: to do list


#1 Book a private Amsterdam Red Light District tour and food tour

With this type of private tour, you will get the best of both worlds! Perfect for cold February days in Amsterdam, it will present the hidden secrets of the popular Red-Light District, while at the end of your journey you will get the chance to warm up and taste some Dutch delicacies.

The tour will let you explore Amsterdam`s notorious Red-Light District. But several tourist attractions nearby are also featured, including the Old Church, China Town or the narrowest street in Amsterdam. The local guide will tell you the story of each sighting, which is why by the end of this walking tour in Amsterdam you will have knowledge about both Dutch history and Dutch food culture.


#2 Book a Private Day Trip to the Dutch Castles

Let us tell you a secret: a trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to the nearby Dutch Castles. A private tour from Amsterdam to the Dutch Castles will keep you occupied the entire day. You will have plenty of time to discover Dutch Castles with the aid of a local guide.

You will explore one of the oldest castles in the Netherlands, the Muiderslot, which was constructed back in the 13th century. It has an authentic medieval flair, as it is still surrounded by water and having only one entrance in the form of lift-able bridge. Also, this particular castle is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is a great addition to your must-see travel spots worldwide.

Besides this, also included in the tour is the Castle de Haar. It is one of the vastest castles in the Netherlands with a wonderful park nearby that enhances its beauty.


#3 Attend the Cacao Chocolate Festival in Amsterdam

If you are looking for heaven on earth, you should definitely attend the famous Chocolate festival in Amsterdam. It is organized annually in February. With an attention on sustainability, this event aims to present the process of making chocolate from bean to bar, while internationally known chocolate makers will encourage you to taste fine chocolates.

Of course, a permanent cocoa exhibition can be found the entire year at the Cacaomuseum in Amsterdam. Here you can attend chocolate workshops, tasting or interactive lectures, depending on their monthly program.


#4 Visit Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam will get you plenty of excitement, as you won`t have to worry about what to do in this city. With a multitude of tourist attractions all around the city, you can always consider visiting Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam.

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum that features life-like representations of famous international people or historical characters. It is a surreal experience that will get you to travel all around the world from one place. So, a great thing to do in Amsterdam in February might be a visit to this museum, especially if you never visited Madame Tussauds up until now.


#5 Attend the Improvisation Theatre Festival in Amsterdam

IMPRO Fest is the go-to event in February if you want to laugh and enjoy the company of interesting people. You will get the chance to admire a wide range of improvised theatre designed on the spot that ranges from drama to hilarious comedy.

If you are curious enough, you can always attend the IMPRO workshops in Amsterdam. Those are available during the festival and conducted by international actors.

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 A good reason why visit Amsterdam in January might be the fact that airfares and hotel rates are at their lowest during this month. The tourist crowds are significantly smaller, which makes the overall scenery of the city easy to explore and admire.

January in Amsterdam has a post-holiday calm, without the constant buzzing of tourist crowds. It is a great time to emerge in some outdoor chill and admire the wintry climate as it makes room for the following spring month. Several events take place, including the worldwide famous National Tulip Day in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam in January: to do list


#1 Attend the National Tulip Day in Amsterdam

Dutch floriculturists have grown tulips since the 17th century, making these colourful flowers the unofficial symbol of Netherlands for several generations now. It is true that almost all events linked to the tulips take place from March to May. Yet during the third weekend of January the National Tulip Day takes place each year.

In Amsterdam, you will get the chance to observe a flower-centric celebration held on Dam Square. A multitude of tulips are planted just outside the Royal Palace in Amsterdam transforming everything into a riot of colours.


#2 Visit the Royal Palace in Amsterdam

This building was originally designed as a town hall back in the 17th century. King Louis Bonaparte transformed it into a place, which is why nowadays is known under the name the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. It is considered to be one of the most important monuments in Netherlands. It features several sculptures and painting by influential artists, including Rembrandt`s students Govert Flinck and Ferdinand Bolcontinues.

This palace is King Willem-Alexander`s official reception palace, as it continuously plays an important role in state visits or royal events such as the New Year`s receptions.


#3 Visit the Rembrandt House Museum

Being restored to its 17th century Dutch design, the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam must be on your travel to do list. It is a place that will allow you to discover the everyday life of Rembrandt in Amsterdam, as you can admire the studio where several of his work pieces were created.

It is a museum dedicated to both his life and his work, while several art-related events or exhibitions are held here during the year.


#4 Book a Private day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges

And if you think there are little to no activities to do in Amsterdam in January, we can assure you that it is not the truth. As an example, you can opt for booking a private day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges to rediscover the exquisite flair of this old city.

The private tour guide will make an in-depth presentation of the historic centre of Bruges which was added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Also, you will explore the intriguing area around the Dyver canal. The narrow streets of Stoofstraat, the Gruuthuse Palace, the Burg Square or the Basilica of the Holy Blood, are all included in the trip`s itinerary and, of course, you can request some free time to wander alone around this city.


#5 Attend the annual Jumping Amsterdam Festival

The Jumping Amsterdam Festival is organised annually for equestrian professionals and enthusiasts. It is an opportunity to admire those majestic animals during a competition event full of challenges.

It is one of the most important events in Amsterdam during January, as it represents a highlight in the Dutch equestrian calendar. Shows, jumpings or dressage competitions are attended by the world’s best riders and Olympic champions. It is a child friendly festival, with several funny and exciting shows for the little ones.

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From sweet to savoury, street food in Amsterdam offers a variety of flavours to try. The tempting food scene of the city will have you craving for the Dutch flavours. There are simply tens of them. In this guide, we have listed 5 best street food dishes in Amsterdam. We also offer a gourmet food tour.  Either way, foodies might want to save a lot of space in that tummy. Bon appetite!


Frites, or Thick Dutch Fries – Aren’t fries found everywhere across the globe? Yes, but you get the best fries in Amsterdam. We bet the thick Dutch fries are hard to find elsewhere. Mentioned in menus as frites or patat, the dish is a bed of crispy fries usually served in a paper cone. Traditionally, it comes slathered with a variety of toppings like onions, mayo, and peanut satay sauce. Frites are a feast on the lips!

Frites tip: Ask for patatje oorlog or speciaal curry at Vleminckx de Sausmeester.


Stroopwafel, or Dutch Sweet Waffles – For all those with an insatiable sweet tooth, Dam offers a delectable treat called Stroopwafel. It is made with two thin and crispy layers of waffles, stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup. The dish is served hot and makes an excellent snack to munch on.

Stroopwafel tip: We suggest you enjoy them hot and gooey from Original Stroopwafel food kiosk in Albert Cuyp Market. They make the best waffles in Amsterdam.


Bitterballen, or Dutch Meatballs – This is a dish you will find in the menus of most local eateries. Traditionally prepared with molten beef and creamy roux, the Dutch meatballs are often relished with mustard dip. Crispy and delicious, Bitterballen is usually eaten alongside biertje or beer. We warn you to resist the first bite of this meaty snack for as long as possible because the white roux sauce inside is always piping hot.

Bitterballen tip: Enjoy a couple of Belgian drinks with a large platter of bitterballen at Winkel 43.


Raw Haring, or Raw Dutch Herring – Haring is another famous, typically-Dutch street food in Amsterdam. You will find haring stands at every nook and corner of the city. The fish is usually served with a garnish of chopped onions and pickle pieces. While tasting frozen and salted herring might sound scary to the uninitiated, a try is totally worth it! Most people fall in love with the taste of it immediately after the very first bite.

Haring tip: Head straight to Stubbe’s Haring street kiosk to taste the best quality haring. Ask for broodje haring to get the fish served in a sandwich.


Poffertjes, or Dutch PancakesPoffertjes are scrummy sugary treats that are traditionally served with butter and powdered sugar. Do not forget to enjoy some of these poffertjes with Nutella. They taste so good that you might end up having the entire platter all by yourself. Who could have thought that pancakes could be so addictive!

Poffertjes tip: The best place to try delicious poffertjes is Pancakes Amsterdam. Here, you can create custom pancakes too.


If you are interested in exploring Amsterdam’s local food culture with a guide, then we offer the perfect food excursion tour for you. We have thoughtfully curated the tour to make sure you get to taste every single one of our local Dutch flavours. Our tour is led by a local Amsterdam food guide, who walks you through Old Church, China Town, Royal Palace, and the narrowest street of Amsterdam. We promise the best 2 hours of pure epicurean pleasures. You will unravel the rich Dutch food culture and go home with happy palates.

Amsterdam in winter is a magic place to be, as the entire city transform into a lively fairy-tale. Several Christmas markets pop-up in important city spots, while thematic exhibitions are held and the winter parade is the most awaited event of the month. In December, Amsterdam`s canals lit up, as the houses positioned on their sides are decorated with colourful, cosy lights. So, if you are looking to have a unique Christmas experience, we encourage you to visit Amsterdam in December.


Amsterdam in December: to do list


#1 Attend the Christmas Market in Rembrandtplein

One of the most popular squares in Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein goes through a magical makeover each year in December. During the holiday season, you can attend here an authentic Christmas market.

You will find here authentic Dutch beverages and foods, gift ideas, hot chocolate, yet we advise you to not skip trying the most delicious traditional Dutch treat: poffertjes!


#2 Book a private Day Trip from Amsterdam to Brussels

If you want to explore how other cities near Amsterdam prepare for Christmas, we recommend you try a private day trip from Amsterdam to Brussels. In around 10 hours, you will wander around the streets of Brussels with a private guide, whom will present this beautiful city in a manner you will never forget.

During this private tour, you will discover historical sites in the city centre of Brussels, along with many top tourist attractions, such as Grand palace, Mannenken Pis or Place de la Bourse square. Also, you will get the chance to do some Christmas shopping, as the schedule for this trip is flexible and can be adapted to your preferences.


#3 Don’t forget to try ice skating on Museumplein

The Museumplein in Amsterdam is transformed into an impressive ice-skating rink. From November to February, you can slide and have fun amongst locals and tourists that visit Amsterdam in December. It is the main attraction as it offers a splendid view over the Rijksmuseum, which will be decorated in a festive manner.

In addition, the rink is surrounded by Christmas Market stalls with plenty of warm drinks, snacks or foods to keep your energy levels up.


#4 Visit the Christmas exhibition in Amsterdam

Each year the Museum Willet-Holthuysen in Amsterdam organises a beautiful Christmas exhibit that you must admire if you happen to be in this city in December.

Abraham Willet-Holthuysen was a collector of glass, art and he was a bibliophile. Yet the main attraction of this museum is the special Christmas in Willet. This is an exhibit during which the house is ornated with several Christmas-inspired items. Moreover, each year a theme is followed, so you get the chance of experiencing the fairy-tale of the season in a different manner each year.


#5 Attend the Winter Parade in Amsterdam

Both locals and tourists look forward each year for the Winter Parade in Amsterdam. Starting with the 20th of December, a series of visions, meetings and get togethers are organises all over the city. In addition, each year has a theme inspired by a Danish tradition, making the overall experience even more appealing.

It is not a street show, not a circus, not a Christmas food event. The Winter Parade in Amsterdam is viewed as something that will tingle your senses and embrace you with the Christmas joy that spreads all over the world!

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Amsterdam is a rather eventful city no matter the time of the year you visit it. Yet visiting Amsterdam in November has quite a unique flair, as the city gets colder and the festive touch of December starts to appear everywhere. Several festivals and winter events take place, while the most expected event is the arrival of Sinterklaas.


Amsterdam in November: to do list


#1 Private Amsterdam Walking tour

If you want to become an expert on all the main attractions of Amsterdam, we encourage you to consider booking a private Amsterdam walking tour. This is a great idea if you want to get close to the festive touch of November on the old city’s streets. Our tip is to go for this tour in the evening, as several festive lights will be colouring the urban landscape.

In around 2 hours you will get the chance to wander the streets of this beautiful city along with a tour guide. Your personal guide will share detailed information about many historical sights, such as the Old Church, Pub the Monkey, the Waag, Chinatown or the infamous Red-Light District.


#2 Private day trip to Delft and Rotterdam

And if you aim to observe the atmosphere in other important cities in Netherlands, you can always opt for a private trip from Amsterdam to Delft and Rotterdam.

The city of Delft is popular worldwide due to the fact that it is the home of the Blue pottery. Also, it  is one of the oldest cities in Netherlands. The private tour guide will present you the intriguing history of this city, as it was and still is one of the most influential cities in the Dutch history.

After Delft, the tour will take you to the streets of Rotterdam, where you will learn all about World War II in Netherlands and why Rotterdam became such a modern city.


#3 Visit Rijksmuseum, one of the vastest museums in Amsterdam

A visit to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a must do for everyone that wants to get a deeper knowledge about all sides of Dutch history. This museum is considered to be a national treasure on its own. It is rather popular internationally due to the impressive art collections that include Delftware, sculptures, archaeological artefacts and several historic art pieces by Vermeer, Frans Hals and Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.


#4 Attend the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam

The International Documentary Film Festival is held annually in Amsterdam, dating back to 1988. In up to 12 consecutive days you will get the chance to watch several films about a variety of cultural topics.

This is the world`s biggest documentary film festival, so it is a must do for everyone visiting Amsterdam in November. It is an independent film festival, with international attendees and professionals that allows you to access a program of high-quality documentaries carefully selected by IDFA staff.


#5 Watch the arrival of Sinterklaas in Amsterdam

The highlight of November in Amsterdam is represented by traditional festive arrival of Saint Nicholas in the city. He is the patron saint of all children and of the city of Amsterdam, being celebrated each year on December 5th.

Usually, a fleet with St Nicholas` steamboat the Spanje is used and it travels on the Amstel up to the Scheepvaartmuseum or Maritime Museum. Mainly, this resembles quite well a street party festival, as several decorated boats appear on the city`s canals, while lively music is played by brass bands everywhere.

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Usually, most people believe that starting with October, there is not much to do in Amsterdam until spring arrives again. Yet this is a misconception because the most intriguing time of the year to visit Amsterdam is both in autumn and winter.

In October everything changes, the green that was covering the canals up until September takes a golden-red blanket. Mesmerizing sunsets and late blooming flowers, all make Amsterdam in autumn a natural, vivid painting. A multitude of cultural events from dance festivals to marathons happen in Amsterdam in autumn. But our personal favourite tip for visiting Amsterdam in October is to take a moment to visit one of its lovely parks!


Amsterdam in October: to do list


#1 Book a Private Amsterdam introduction tour

So, to get an accurate representation of how autumn feels like in Amsterdam, you should consider booking a private Amsterdam introduction tour. In around 4 hours you will discover Amsterdam’s most exquisite places, while wandering around in a scenery worth to remember.

With a private walking tour in Amsterdam, you will get the chance to explore several tourist attractions, including the Old Town, the Red-Light District, the Jordaan District, the Rembrandt square or the museum square.


#2 Visit the Van Gogh Museum

One of the most popular Dutch artists from all times, Van Gogh gained its popularity due to its ambitious ideas and approach towards classical painting methods. Being a post-impressionist painter, his work revolves around landscapes, still lifes, portraits and the most famous self-portraits.

Hence, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a must do while in the city. It was opened to the public back in 1973 and it reveals a vast collection of both paintings and drawings signed by Van Gogh. It is the second most visited museum in Netherlands due to the fact that it hosts famous Van Gogh paintings such as Almond Blossoms or the Sunflowers.

Sunflowers is one of the most valued pieces of art of this Dutch artist as he struggled to prove that you can use only one colour in distinct variations to create such a wonderful masterpiece.


#3 Private Day Tour of Kroller-Muller museum and National Park

If you aim to experience both the natural surrounding of Netherlands and the exquisite flair of Dutch museums, this tour might be the perfect fit for you.

With a private day tour of Kroller-Muller Museum and Hoge Veluwe national park of Netherlands, you will have up to 10 hours to discover the hidden natural beauties and the Dutch culture.

A private tour guide will make the tour more than pleasant, as you will discover and receive all sorts of useful information about Netherlands’ history. The first stop of the tour will be at the National Park, where you will explore the authentic Dutch landscape and flair in an autumn scenery. The intriguing colours of October will transform this walk into a mesmerizing experience.

The Kroller-Muller museum is located in the National Park. It features an immense art collection of worldwide popular artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso or Mondriaan. In addition, the garden hosts more than 160 sculptures signed by artists such as Rodin or Moore, being considered the vastest sculpture garden in Europe.


#4 Attend the PINT Bokbier Festival

And if you plan to visit Amsterdam in October, you should not miss the popular beer festival. PINT Bokbier Festival is one of the biggest bier events in Netherlands, taking place each autumn to celebrate it with all types of bier.

This festival celebrates the release of bok beer, a dark seasonal lager, and it is usually held in central Amsterdam. Mainly, tourists come here from all over the world to experience the traditional Dutch drinking music, old beer chants and admire farmers dressed in overalls instead of lederhosen. Moreover, this is the perfect time of the year to spot locals wearing those famous wooden clogs.


#5 Attend the Halloween Festival in Amsterdam

During one week at the end of October, several annual Halloween festival and costume party take place in the vibrant Amsterdam. Twisted performances, creepy outfits, a multitude of horror movies or even Ghost walking tours are held to celebrate the Halloween.

Our tip is to visit the Amsterdam Dungeon in Amsterdam for an authentic Halloween experience that will be filled with special horror effects and thrilling decors.

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Considered to be one of the best times to visit Amsterdam for sightseeing, the month of September comes with mild temperatures that encourage you to wander around the streets of the city. Of course, there are a couple of festivals and competitions organized during early autumn, while our recommendation is to book a canal cruise in Amsterdam during your stay here. You will be amazed by the scenery!


Amsterdam in September: to do list


#1 Book a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is commonly known under the pseudonym `Venice of the North`. So, if you want to get an authentic feel of this city, we recommend you try a canal cruise. There are several tours available, all of which will get you a full city tour of the main attractions. And we guarantee this will be an experience you will remember for years to come!

The history of the city of Amsterdam is closely linked to the waters surrounding it. Its 165 canals were designed over centuries and were meant to boost trade and transportation. As they are considered to be one of the most important landmarks of the city, since 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was deemed as an UNESCO world heritage site.


#2 Private day trip about the Dutch Delta works and countryside


Our recommendation for September in Amsterdam is to consider booking a private day trip at the Dutch Delta and countryside. The weather will be suitable for visiting, as it won’t bee too hot or too cold. With this tour you will get the chance to explore how the country with the lowest sea level can manage to do such impressive things.

The Delta Works represents the biggest flood protection system in the entire world. The landscape in the area is filled with impressive beaches, peaceful nature environments and several culinary sports worth trying.


#3 Amsterdam Heritage Days


Organized annually in September, the Amsterdam Heritage days are meant to praise the Dutch national heritage. A multitude of monuments are open to the public during this event, including historical city gardens or farmhouses. In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to visit Amsterdam canal houses that have private owners and which are usually closed to the public.

So, if you visit Amsterdam in September you can join locals in these celebrations as many tourist hotspots have a public fee, just to allow everyone to celebrate the city’s rich history.



#4 Book a Private tour for Jordaan Festival in Amsterdam


September in Amsterdam is full of joy and color. One of the events that brighten up the atmosphere during this time of the year is the Jordaan Festival, organized in the brightest and colorful district in Amsterdam, the Jordaan.

This district in Amsterdam is known for the various Dutch artists that offered to the world in the past decades. It is meant to underline once more the importance of this district, which is why several games for children, drum brands, cabaret or opera shows are presented to the public in the popular Amsterdam-style of the Joordan district. The purpose is to praise the levenslied, a traditional Dutch folk song.

So, why better chance of understanding the Jordaan Festival in Amsterdam, rather than booking a private tour? The tour-guide will offer an insightful introduction for this part of the city, while several important landmarks in the Jordaan district will be presented.



#5 Amsterdam City Swim


Well, September in Amsterdam also brings the opportunity for organizing some charity events, such as the City Swim. So, if you were looking forward o admire the busy canals, you will be amazed how during only one day, the canal cruise boats or any other vessels will be replaced with more than 2,000 swimmers that aim to do some charity work.

The canal swim for charity is organized in order to raise funds for motor neuron disease or ALS, as the sponsorship gathered by the swimmers is donated to such establishments. It is a great opportunity for you to explore another side of the city of Amsterdam: the one that supports each and every person and puts locals together just so they can achieve a greater purpose.

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