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Trigger Tours is located in Amsterdam where we will guide you through!



Hi! My name is James. I have a background in history and film. My focus has been on topics related to the Second World War and I am focused on guiding tours through Amsterdam on the subject of Anne Frank and the events of the war in the city. I have extensive knowledge of Dutch history, as well as European history in general and enjoying sharing this knowledge with people from all over the world.



Hi! My name is Masha, originally from Zagreb, Croatia. I’ve moved to Amsterdam almost 5 years ago to pursue new professional and personal opportunities. I’ve graduated in Cultural and Natural Heritage in Tourism; I enjoy sharing the love I have for this city with people from different cultural backgrounds. I also write a travel/culture blog and like to spend my spare time doing yoga and trying out new recipes.


Hi, my name is Andrea. I am a literature teacher with a master degree in communication. I have developed a wide knowledge in Dutch history and I am really happy to work on something that combines my two favorite activities, teaching and communicating. Doing tours is my real passion; working with people from all over the globe makes your life exciting every day. So come to my office, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.Let’s discover Amsterdam together!



Hi! My name is Jyry. I came to Amsterdam to study history, and I am delighted to have a job that relates to my studies. During my master’s degree in history, I have studied a few relevant topics: the history of the Jewish community in Amsterdam, as well as the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1930s. I strongly believe that historical education belongs to everyone, which is why I got into doing tours. Through touring I have also learned a lot about Amsterdam — its triumphs and its tragedies. I look forward tosharingmy expertise withyou!


My name is Aaron, I am a freelance tour guide with a master’s degree in European history with a focus on military and politics.I am from Ireland, but due to living in Amsterdam now for two years I have come to have a good understanding of the city and its history through own interest and research. Experiencing Amsterdam from a local’s point of view has taught me much about the cultural aspects of Amsterdam and I love showing people historic monuments which are hidden in plain sight.


Hi, my name is Aarre. I am American-born, but Netherlands raised since the age of 10. I have a Bachelor in European Studies & a Master in global history with a concentration on the environment. I am lucky to be based in Amsterdam, a city rich in history, culture & architecture. My speciality are private tours where I have the opportunity to give a real personalized experience. I look forward to meeting you and sharing stories and expertise on my favorite European city.


Hi my name is Pedro! I’m a tour guide from Chile but I have been living in Amsterdam for 7 years. I now consider this place to be home and truly call myself a local. My speciality is the Red Light District area and I offer my tours in English and Spanish. I will enlighten you with historic facts of this unique city with a fun twist from my rockstar days!


Hi, my name is David.As a local of Amsterdam, I will bring you onto a journey. I provide a tour that ensures that you see all you need in Amsterdam. From the main districts and streets to the discrete alleyways that are filled with hidden gems. Expect a guide that provides all the subtle knowledge that Amsterdam has to offer with a touch of flare and humour that Amsterdam locals are known for.


Hi, I’m Michel. Many years, I was an Amsterdammer. Now I live and also tour in Rotterdam. The most beautiful city is of course the one I’m showing you. Being also a stand-up comedian, I guarantee fun and even astonishing facts. I worked in the US, France, the Far East, but I simply had to return to the country of haring, stroopwafels and stimulating cigarettes. My third profession is artist, so count on many cultural ‘Did You Know’-s. At Trigger Trigger we go for memorable, entertaining tours. Hope toseeyousoon!


Hi, my name is Jay. I am originally from Amsterdam and have a diverse background which adds layers of depth to my storytelling. I have a passion for history, chess and fitness that I combine with my job as a tour guide. I assure you that my tours are not just informative, but also incredibly entertaining. I will try to not only show you the city but to make each tour a memorable experience that offers more than just facts and figures.For me, guiding is more than work; it’s an opportunity to connect, share, and inspire. Join me for a tour and you’ll see Amsterdam through a completely different lens.