This is Robert, one of the experienced guides of Trigger Tours. I was born and raised in Soest/Baarn, in the middle of the country, close to the palace of the former Queen Juliana. I still live there, 40 kilometers from Amsterdam, but in a quiet and green environment.
I have been working as a guide for the last ten years and l have built up a broad knowledge of history, people, politics and businesses.
Additional to the mentioned knowledge I know a lot about flowers, plants, animals and meteorology.
I really like to share my knowledge with people from all over the world. I do tours by cars and minivan to every place in the Netherlands. I always make sure it will be a great day!



Hi my name is Anja! I have a background in art and love history. I currently work as a guide for an art gallery and do museum tours since many years. I also do private tours to many places in the Netherlands such as Giethoorn, Zaanse Schans, Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about history and art.


My name is Stan! In my tour guiding work I’m passionate, humorous and also a bit critical about my hometown Amsterdam. I show visitors Amsterdam the way I experience it myself as a resident. Hereby I combine visiting authentic and surprising places with the most beautiful must see’s and highlights taking into account the background and wishes of the customer; from true hidden gems and insider tips to actual themes in the city and from unique street art and pioneering start-ups to the most amazing places in both historical and modern Amsterdam. A tour with me will be never the same, but preferably a mix of experiences and stories that suits the customer’s wishes !!!



Hi my name is Alexandra! I was born and raised in Amsterdam and have lived in many different neighborhoods. Since I have become a tour guide at Trigger Tours, over two years ago, I myself have learned a lot of new things about this city which I would love to share with you.
One of things that interest me the most is the history of the city and as a resident of the red light district I have also developed knowledge about it’s current situation. Living here gave me a more personal perspective that adds value to those who want to learn from a local.



Hi my name is Brandon and I want to welcome you to the Netherlands. I have been doing tours for over 10 years and I have a passion for traveling, art, history and storytelling. I do tours in many places all over the Netherlands like Giethoorn, Rotterdam, Delft and Amsterdam. I speak fluently Dutch and English. Because I do private tours everything is very flexible, I always try to customize my tours to your needs! I cannot wait to share my knowledge with you on one of my tours.


Hi my name is Julia and I have been a tour guide for many years. I moved to Amsterdam 8 years ago and quickly fell in love with the city. Being a tour guide is something that I do with a passion. My favorite area of Amsterdam is the Jordaan and I love to show you this beautiful area of the city. Being a resident of the Jordaan area I really know all the places and sights only locals know about. I also do tours in the Red Light District and Old Town area. I speak fluently Portugese, English and Spanish.


Hi my name is Stefan. I am born in Rotterdam, but I know every corner and alley in Amsterdam. I have been a tour guide for many years and would love to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for the city. I speak fluently English, German and Swedish and do tours in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. With many years of experience of guiding I guarantee you will have an amazing time!



Hi, I’m Karel and I’m a guide since 2013. I was born and raised in a new polder, where my dad was a pioneer, helping to create new land. I’m a liberal guy (my clients told me) and I’m easy to travel with.
I have a broad interest in many things and in addition I had a good education. I’m familiar with Dutch (and Amsterdam) history, religion, drugs, water management (dikes, mills, pumping stations, polders), politics, philosophy, red light district, economy, education, agricultural production, social security, taxes etc. And most important: about the ordinary things in Holland. My favorite city is Amsterdam, despite the large numbers of tourists and the crowds that come with it. Because Amsterdam has everything. I do tours by car, by bus and by minivan to every place in the Netherlands.



Hi, I’m Cara. When I visited Amsterdam for the first time at 14 I told myself that one day, I will live in this city and the dream came true! I study History with a particular interest in the Dutch capital and I found that working as a tour guide was the best way for me to communicate my passion. Born in Germany but spending my teenage years in the Netherlands, I have learned to love and understand the Dutch culture through a newcomers perspective and I am excited to answer all the questions I myself had years ago. Beware of bikes and I am looking forward to meet you.