Step into the colorful heart of Rotterdam with a highlights walking tour that gets into the city’s history and culture. Stroll through a modern city packed with modern architecture, where creative constructions coexist with historic buildings, forming a compelling tale of the present and the past.

Admire prominent landmarks and uncover hidden jewels that represent a combination of heritage and contemporary. As we go through the lovely districts, you will feel the strong pulse of Rotterdam’s diversity of culture.

– Learn about the tragic past of the city
– See both historic sights as well as unique modern architecture
– Explore this beautiful city and discover its iconic sights and culture
– Discover a city unlike any other in The Netherlands

Be amazed by the beautiful combination of classic buildings and modern creations that characterize the city’s skyline. Learn about Rotterdam’s incredible endurance and how it rose from the ashes of World War II to become the cultural city it is today. The wounds of World War II had a severe impact on Rotterdam, but they also brought a stunning rebirth, as seen by the magnificent contemporary architecture that today dominates the skyline. Discover how the city rose from the ashes and welcomed innovation while retaining its older legacy.

Throughout this journey, we want you to feel like a real local, linked to Rotterdam’s heart and soul. This walking tour is ideal for interested tourists looking to explore the finest of this wonderful city while uncovering the hidden beauties that have made Rotterdam an outstanding treasure.