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About us

Welcome to Trigger Tours, where every step unveils the heartbeat of The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a fascinating country with iconic windmills, vibrant tulip fields bursting with color, and picturesque canals dotted with quaint houseboats. And who better to show you around this small but culturally diverse country than us? We are a local tour operator based in the Netherlands with over ten years of experience crafting unforgettable travel experiences for visitors from all across the globe.

Whether you join one of our fun and insightful walking tours to uncover the rich history of Amsterdam’s Golden Age and regal highlights of The Hague or embark on a full-day adventure to explore the mesmerizing waterways of Kinderdijk dotted with traditional windmills and charming historical towns like quintessentially Dutch Zaanse Schans or Rotterdam’s one-of-a-kind cube houses – we’ve got the perfect tour for you.

Our Guides Pride Themselves on Their Insider Knowledge

Our guides are either locally born or have lived in the Netherlands for decades. They know all the hidden gems, local secrets, quirky trivia, and little details you’ll never seeanywhere else!

On our tours, you’ll feel like a local as our guides give you a genuine peek into the authentic Dutch lifestyle today and share fascinating historical anecdotes and cultural insights.Our passion for the city is contagious, and we love to share local secrets that you won’t uncover on generic tourist tours or trips. With our guides, you’ll experience Amsterdam as an insider.

We Take You Off-the-Beaten-Path to Hidden Gems

While hotspots like Amsterdam’s canal ring and Keukenhof’s tulip gardens are stunning, the Netherlands has much more to offer beyond the well-trodden tourist track! Discover windmill-dotted waterways of Kinderdijk to the country’s most relaxed up-and-coming underground art scene in Rotterdam’s old docks

We are excited to show you the most excellent areas other tourists rarely discover. Sample distinctive Dutch foods, explore history in The Hague or admire world-class modern architecture in Rotterdam, we’ve got a unique itinerary tailored specially for you!

Go Beyond the City Center

Most tourists stick to Amsterdam’s beautiful city center with its web of canals and significant museums. However, some of Amsterdam’s most intriguing history, culture, and scenery lie outside the central canal ring. From the Dutch countryside to the fishing villages of Volendam and Marken, our day trips get you out into exciting neighborhoods and regions beyond central Amsterdam.

Our guides will immerse you in these destinations’ distinct local history and charm. Go where most tourists don’t go for a more well-rounded experience of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. So bring your walking shoes, curiosity, and sense of adventure. Let our team of passionate local guides show you the Amsterdam that most tourists miss.

Something for everyone

By booking a tour with us, we plan for you and adjust to your schedule. Many of our walking tours run multiple times per day at set times, while our private day trips and our private walking tours allow you to customize when and where you go entirely. This way we can offer flexibility to accommodate early risers or those who want to sleep in after a late night.

Whether you are an art or history buff, a lover of architecture and design, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply a food lover excited to discover new Dutch flavors – we customize vacations entirely based on what YOU are most interested in experiencing authentically.

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