The impact of Coronavirus on the travel industry in the Netherlands

Since first being identified, the coronavirus COVID-19 has spread to many countries all around the world. The total number of diagnosed cases is increasing at an alarming rate by hours now. It is a global health crisis that the world was not prepared for in any way, shape, or form. This pandemic has not only

Waarom amsterdam bezoeken in juli?

De piek van het toeristische seizoen in Amsterdam is, zoals je zou kunnen raden, juli. Het weer is vrij warm, terwijl de dagen langer zijn dan in andere maanden van het jaar. En natuurlijk zijn er tal van activiteiten die je doen in deze stad in juli. Privétours, festivals, lokale evenementen of meerdere optochten, maken

Waarom amsterdam bezoeken in september?

Beschouwd als een van de beste tijden om Amsterdam te bezoeken voor sightseeing,de maand september wordt geleverd met milde temperaturen die u aanmoedigen om rond te dwalen door de straten van de stad. Natuurlijk worden er in het vroege najaar een aantal festivals en wedstrijden georganiseerd, terwijl onze aanbeveling is om een rondvaart in Amsterdam

Why visit Amsterdam in May?

Amsterdam in May is full of colours and vibrancy, being the ideal month of the year to discover this city by cycling around its streets, taking a boat tour on the famous canals or simply backpack in the surrounding area of the city. Visiting Amsterdam in May is a must do for all of those

Why visit Amsterdam in April?

Every year more than 15 million tourists opt for visiting Amsterdam. This means there are several months in which the city seems to be packed up with tourist crowds. Being a popular travel destination in Europe, Amsterdam rarely experiences a moderate tourist count. Thus, our recommendation is to consider booking a trip to Amsterdam in

Why visit Amsterdam in March?

March is the moment of the year when spring starts to bloom, making Amsterdam one of the most beautiful cities in Netherlands. The sun starts to shine more frequently, the outdoor cafes pop up again, while a multitude of things happen, as tourist crowds reappear on the city`s skyline. If you are wondering what to

Why visit Amsterdam in February?

Some might argue that winter months are too cold for visiting Amsterdam. Yet we truly believe that those exact months offer you something you won`t experience during spring or summer. And we think of the blessing of wandering around the old city centre, stopping for a hot beverage and indulging in the authentic, welcoming Dutch

Why visit Amsterdam in January?

 A good reason why visit Amsterdam in January might be the fact that airfares and hotel rates are at their lowest during this month. The tourist crowds are significantly smaller, which makes the overall scenery of the city easy to explore and admire. January in Amsterdam has a post-holiday calm, without the constant buzzing of

When in Amsterdam, These Dishes Are a Must Try!

From sweet to savoury, street food in Amsterdam offers a variety of flavours to try. The tempting food scene of the city will have you craving for the Dutch flavours. There are simply tens of them. In this guide, we have listed 5 best street food dishes in Amsterdam. We also offer a gourmet food

Why visit Amsterdam in December?

Amsterdam in winter is a magic place to be, as the entire city transform into a lively fairy-tale. Several Christmas markets pop-up in important city spots, while thematic exhibitions are held and the winter parade is the most awaited event of the month. In December, Amsterdam`s canals lit up, as the houses positioned on their