Why visit Amsterdam in September?

Considered to be one of the best times to visit Amsterdam for sightseeing, the month of September comes with mild temperatures that encourage you to wander around the streets of the city. Of course, there are a couple of festivals and competitions organized during early autumn, while our recommendation is to book a canal cruise in Amsterdam during your stay here. You will be amazed by the scenery!


Amsterdam in September: to do list


#1 Book a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is commonly known under the pseudonym `Venice of the North`. So, if you want to get an authentic feel of this city, we recommend you try a canal cruise. There are several tours available, all of which will get you a full city tour of the main attractions. And we guarantee this will be an experience you will remember for years to come!

The history of the city of Amsterdam is closely linked to the waters surrounding it. Its 165 canals were designed over centuries and were meant to boost trade and transportation. As they are considered to be one of the most important landmarks of the city, since 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was deemed as an UNESCO world heritage site.


#2 Private day trip about the Dutch Delta works and countryside


Our recommendation for September in Amsterdam is to consider booking a private day trip at the Dutch Delta and countryside. The weather will be suitable for visiting, as it won’t bee too hot or too cold. With this tour you will get the chance to explore how the country with the lowest sea level can manage to do such impressive things.

The Delta Works represents the biggest flood protection system in the entire world. The landscape in the area is filled with impressive beaches, peaceful nature environments and several culinary sports worth trying.


#3 Amsterdam Heritage Days


Organized annually in September, the Amsterdam Heritage days are meant to praise the Dutch national heritage. A multitude of monuments are open to the public during this event, including historical city gardens or farmhouses. In addition, this is the perfect opportunity to visit Amsterdam canal houses that have private owners and which are usually closed to the public.

So, if you visit Amsterdam in September you can join locals in these celebrations as many tourist hotspots have a public fee, just to allow everyone to celebrate the city’s rich history.



#4 Book a Private tour for Jordaan Festival in Amsterdam


September in Amsterdam is full of joy and color. One of the events that brighten up the atmosphere during this time of the year is the Jordaan Festival, organized in the brightest and colorful district in Amsterdam, the Jordaan.

This district in Amsterdam is known for the various Dutch artists that offered to the world in the past decades. It is meant to underline once more the importance of this district, which is why several games for children, drum brands, cabaret or opera shows are presented to the public in the popular Amsterdam-style of the Joordan district. The purpose is to praise the levenslied, a traditional Dutch folk song.

So, why better chance of understanding the Jordaan Festival in Amsterdam, rather than booking a private tour? The tour-guide will offer an insightful introduction for this part of the city, while several important landmarks in the Jordaan district will be presented.



#5 Amsterdam City Swim


Well, September in Amsterdam also brings the opportunity for organizing some charity events, such as the City Swim. So, if you were looking forward o admire the busy canals, you will be amazed how during only one day, the canal cruise boats or any other vessels will be replaced with more than 2,000 swimmers that aim to do some charity work.

The canal swim for charity is organized in order to raise funds for motor neuron disease or ALS, as the sponsorship gathered by the swimmers is donated to such establishments. It is a great opportunity for you to explore another side of the city of Amsterdam: the one that supports each and every person and puts locals together just so they can achieve a greater purpose.

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