Why visit Amsterdam in May?

Amsterdam in May is full of colours and vibrancy, being the ideal month of the year to discover this city by cycling around its streets, taking a boat tour on the famous canals or simply backpack in the surrounding area of the city. Visiting Amsterdam in May is a must do for all of those that adore the buzzing of events and music festivals.


Amsterdam in May: to do list


#1 Attend the Dutch memorial & Liberation Day


Each year on May 4th and May 5th Netherlands celebrates Remembrance Day and Liberation Day. These two dates are very close to the Dutch, as they are meant to cherish and remember the fallen ones of World War II and, of course, celebrate being liberated from Nazi occupation.

An interesting fact is that the Netherlands is the only country known to celebrate their WWII memorial and victory celebration on two distinct days. The Dutch truly believe that both Liberation and freedom should be celebrated separately, as emotions need to be experienced with jubilation.

Both days are reserved for art exhibits, memorials and concerts. Our tip is to check restaurants in Amsterdam early in the morning as they offer free breakfast to celebrate the Liberation Day.


#2 Book a Private Day Trip to Keukenhof


May is the last month in which you can admire the famous fields of tulips at Keukenhof, being the main reason why we recommend booking a private day trip to Keukenhof from Amsterdam.

Keukenhof Gardens are considered to be the garden of Europe because of their delicacy and explosion of colours that appear each spring. A visit here is a must do if you want to experience the authentic feel of Netherlands. Millions of flowers will enchant your eyesight, while you can take in the mesmerizing smell of spring.


#3 Take a Private Amsterdam Anne Frank and Jewish Quarter tour


Another activity to do in May in Amsterdam is booking a walking tour and experiencing the city as Anne Frank did back in the day. This tour will get you an in-depth introduction about her life and history during the Second World War.

During this tour you will get the chance to receive in-depth knowledge about WWII, its consequences for the Jewish community and discover many interesting sites such as the Portuguese Synagogue, Rembrandtplein, Auschwitz Monument, Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam, Anne Frank House or the worldwide famous Spinoza monument.


#4 Attend the Moving Futures Festival


This is a rather unique dance festival held in distinct cities in Netherlands during the entire year. The Moving Futures Festival reaches Amsterdam during May, which is a great opportunity for admiring and encouraging new and young artists. From musical duets to outstanding one-on-one performances, you can observe how a new generation of artists can challenge the way in which we perceive the art of dancing.

This travelling dance festival in Amsterdam is great for making new, multicultural acquittances, whilst several public events such as performances, dance walks or dinners are available during the festival. If you aim to get a distinct glimpse about how life goes on in Amsterdam, this might be the place to start for you!


#5 Book a Day trip to Giethoorn, including a boat tour


An amazing day trip from Amsterdam is the one to Giethoorn. It will get you the opportunity of exploring the so-called Venice of the Netherlands, a landmark that must be on your travel to do list in Amsterdam.

With this day trip, you will get the chance of exploring the picturesque town of Giethoorn, the hidden beauties of the Dutch countryside, take a boat tours on the various waterways and admire those small farmhouses that are usually featured on Dutch postcards.

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