Why visit Amsterdam in March?

March is the moment of the year when spring starts to bloom, making Amsterdam one of the most beautiful cities in Netherlands. The sun starts to shine more frequently, the outdoor cafes pop up again, while a multitude of things happen, as tourist crowds reappear on the city`s skyline.

If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam in March, you can opt for a couple of day trips in the surrounding area. Of course, you can attend famous festivals that praise popular beverage worldwide.


Amsterdam in March: to do list


#1 Visit the National Maritime Museum

This city takes pride in its waters and maritime-related activities. This is why a visit to the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam must be added to your travel to do list.

Located in one of the largest Golden Age buildings in Amsterdam, it features a vast maritime collection with naval maps, paintings, navigation tools or model ships. A couple of historic ships are nicely docked near the museum, which you can climb and discover. Our inside tip is to visit the replica of the VOC ship from the 1749, which will get you a glimpse of how important Dutch naval history it is.


#2 Book a Private Day trip of WW2 in the Netherlands

To continue the history lesson offered by the visit to the National Maritime Museum, you can book a private day trip from Amsterdam to important WW2 sites in Netherlands.

Your tour guide will drive you around and share interesting insights on how the WW2 in the Netherlands unfolded. The first stop will be Rotterdam, as it features several WW2 monuments or buildings that managed to survived the bombing. One of these is the Rotterdam White House.

After this, a stop to Arnhem, where the famous battle took place will definitely mesmerize you with its landscape and old flair.


#3 Book a Private Day trip to Delft and the Hague

Well, a trip to the Netherlands is not complete if you do not visit both Delft and the Hague.

Delft is a canal-ringed city in the Netherlands, known as the manufacturing base for Delftware, hand-painted blue-and-white pottery. In its old town, the medieval Oude Kerk you can visit the burial site of the Dutch Master painter Johannes Vermeer.

A day tour from Amsterdam to Delft will allow you to explore the place where the Delft Blue Pottery is born and the currently reigning House of Orange-Nassau. From here, your tour guide will get you to the Hague, the political centre of the Netherlands, an old town with memorable landscapes, like the 19th century restored City Hall.


#4 Attend the Coffee Festival in Amsterdam

In March, everywhere in Europe you will stumble upon coffee festivals, that will enchant you with the specific smell of freshly brewed coffee. And, of course, there is a Coffee Festival in Amsterdam in March.

This event is dedicated to coffee, tea and chocolate, being attended annually by a multitude of coffee lovers and not only. Workshops, coffee tastings, a mixologist competitions or latte art live, are all activities which you can admire and indulge into during this festival.


#5 Attend the Amsterdam Wine Festival in Spring

Another important culinary event in Amsterdam is the Spring Wine Festival. No matter if you are a connoisseur or simply an amateur who loves wine, you must visit this event while in Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Winefestival in March is that type of event that offers to its public the chance of tasting wines from South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and, of course, top European wines. Also, the overall atmosphere is accompanied by live DJs or bands, making it the perfect festival to get your spring mood going.

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