Why visit Amsterdam in July?

The peak of tourist season in Amsterdam is, as you might guess, July. The weather is rather warm, while the days are longer than in any other months of the year. And, of course, there are plenty of activities you can do in this city in July. Private tours, festivals, local events or several parades, make Amsterdam buzz with life and excitement.


Amsterdam in July: to do list


#1 Private Amsterdam Crime Tour


Everyone talks about Amsterdam’s Red-Light District or multicultural events. But what would you think if we recommended you booking a private Amsterdam Crime Tour?

Well, the reality is that each city in this world has a dark side that is fun to discover and explore. With the aid of this private tour, you will get the chance of getting deeper knowledge about Dutch mafia, the drugs issues in the city or human trafficking. Mainly, you will walk through China Town, Red Light District and the first coffee shop in Amsterdam. Here you will find out why marijuana got decriminalized and even get details about Moroccan mafia.


#2 Private Day trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam by train


If you are visiting Amsterdam, we strongly encourage you to book a day trip to Rotterdam. With only one-hour trip by train, you will get the chance to explore another important city in Netherlands with beautiful sights and architecture.

From Rotterdam’s Central Station you will wander around the streets and get acquainted with top tourist attractions in Rotterdam, like the Market Hall, the Cube Houses or the Old Harbour. It is a city with a rather modern flair, yet it preserved quite well its history, which can easily pe observed in the Old Harbour Area.


#3 While in Rotterdam, check out the North Sea Jazz Festival


The North Sea Jazz Festival is an annual event organized in Rotterdam. It is great for those that love jazz, pop and indie vibes, as various artists from all around the globe participate and perform during this event. For three days, Rotterdam becomes the jazz capital of the world, which we can say for sure it is necessary to attend if you are visiting Netherlands in July.

The beauty of this event lays in the fact that besides the popular artists in the area of jazz, pop or indie, newer, upcoming talents are invited to support and reveal how they will represent the jazz culture in the future.


#4 Comedy Train International Summer Festival in Amsterdam


The most significant festival in Amsterdam is the Comedy Train International Summer event that starts in July and ends at the beginning of August. Organized by Toomler comedy club it offers to the public a vast stand-up programme in which two comedians perform for four nights in a row before another duo can take over.

Being an international event, comedians from all over the world are invited, which is why all the sows are organized in English. So, if you enjoy attending stand-up show, this is the place to be in Amsterdam to have fun and laugh with the funniest people on earth.


#5 Book a Private day trip from Amsterdam to Antwerp


Because it is July and the weather are more than welcoming, our top recommendation for this time of the year is to consider booking a trip to Belgium in the city of Antwerp. You will get the opportunity of exploring the most appraised European capital due to its chocolate production, while a private guide will accompany you at all times.

You will visit top tourist destinations in the city, such as the Market Square, the Town Hall or the beautiful Golden Age Guild Houses, whilst at the end of the tours you will get the opportunity of having free time to wander around by yourself.

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