Why visit Amsterdam in January?

 A good reason why visit Amsterdam in January might be the fact that airfares and hotel rates are at their lowest during this month. The tourist crowds are significantly smaller, which makes the overall scenery of the city easy to explore and admire.

January in Amsterdam has a post-holiday calm, without the constant buzzing of tourist crowds. It is a great time to emerge in some outdoor chill and admire the wintry climate as it makes room for the following spring month. Several events take place, including the worldwide famous National Tulip Day in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam in January: to do list


#1 Attend the National Tulip Day in Amsterdam

Dutch floriculturists have grown tulips since the 17th century, making these colourful flowers the unofficial symbol of Netherlands for several generations now. It is true that almost all events linked to the tulips take place from March to May. Yet during the third weekend of January the National Tulip Day takes place each year.

In Amsterdam, you will get the chance to observe a flower-centric celebration held on Dam Square. A multitude of tulips are planted just outside the Royal Palace in Amsterdam transforming everything into a riot of colours.


#2 Visit the Royal Palace in Amsterdam

This building was originally designed as a town hall back in the 17th century. King Louis Bonaparte transformed it into a place, which is why nowadays is known under the name the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. It is considered to be one of the most important monuments in Netherlands. It features several sculptures and painting by influential artists, including Rembrandt`s students Govert Flinck and Ferdinand Bolcontinues.

This palace is King Willem-Alexander`s official reception palace, as it continuously plays an important role in state visits or royal events such as the New Year`s receptions.


#3 Visit the Rembrandt House Museum

Being restored to its 17th century Dutch design, the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam must be on your travel to do list. It is a place that will allow you to discover the everyday life of Rembrandt in Amsterdam, as you can admire the studio where several of his work pieces were created.

It is a museum dedicated to both his life and his work, while several art-related events or exhibitions are held here during the year.


#4 Book a Private day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges

And if you think there are little to no activities to do in Amsterdam in January, we can assure you that it is not the truth. As an example, you can opt for booking a private day trip from Amsterdam to Bruges to rediscover the exquisite flair of this old city.

The private tour guide will make an in-depth presentation of the historic centre of Bruges which was added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Also, you will explore the intriguing area around the Dyver canal. The narrow streets of Stoofstraat, the Gruuthuse Palace, the Burg Square or the Basilica of the Holy Blood, are all included in the trip`s itinerary and, of course, you can request some free time to wander alone around this city.


#5 Attend the annual Jumping Amsterdam Festival

The Jumping Amsterdam Festival is organised annually for equestrian professionals and enthusiasts. It is an opportunity to admire those majestic animals during a competition event full of challenges.

It is one of the most important events in Amsterdam during January, as it represents a highlight in the Dutch equestrian calendar. Shows, jumpings or dressage competitions are attended by the world’s best riders and Olympic champions. It is a child friendly festival, with several funny and exciting shows for the little ones.

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