Why visit Amsterdam in August?

August in Amsterdam will also offer you the summer vibe of the previous months, along with some must-see festivals and the internationally known open air cinema. Of course, this month is perfect for taking day trips in the surrounding area, just to enjoy an idyllic experience in the hot August sun.


Amsterdam in August: to do list


Private Day trip to the Dutch Windmills at Kinderdijk, Rotterdam and the Hague


August is perfect for exploring a distinct part of the Netherlands with the aid of a private tour to Kinderdijk, Rotterdam and the Hague.

An important UNESCO World Heritage site, the windmills of Kinderdijk were constructed back in the 18th Century. Kinderdjik is one of the most popular Dutch towns that will offer you an authentic experience that you will only see in classic postcard images of Dutch windmills.

Rotterdam is considered to be one of the most modern cities in the Netherlands, as it is packed up with modern architectural gems. Some of the most wanted tourist attractions in Rotterdam include the new Markthal, the Cube Houses, the Erasmus Bridge or the Town Hall, all of which are included in a private tour.

The Hague is popular worldwide as it is the political centre of the Netherlands, whilst several tourist attractions are viewed as must see locations. The Parliament buildings, Noordeinde Palace, Binnenhof or the City Hall are all stops in the private day trip.


Heineken Experience for beer enthusiasts


Whether or not you enjoy beer, we suggest you include in your Amsterdam itinerary a visit to the Heineken brewery. Here you will get a glimpse on how beer is manufactured and you can even design your own Heineken!

Being one of the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam, the Heineken experience includes an interactive walk through the factory, tasting sessions, inside info about the company’s history and the chance to wander around this impressive old building.


Attend a private Amsterdam Food Tour with food tastings


If you are visiting Amsterdam, you probably already know that the Dutch food culture is one of a kind. So, if you want to start a culinary travel experience in Amsterdam, you should consider attending a private food tour, that includes food tastings.

Of course, the tour starts with sightseeing some of the major attractions of the city such as the Old Church, China Town, the Royal Palace or the narrowest street of Amsterdam. But the main attraction of this tour will be that you will get the chance of tasting five Dutch specialities such as a Kroket, Dutch cheese, chocolate, poffertjes and the worldwide popular stroopwafel.  

After this tasty tour, you should also check the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam. It was opened back in 1904 and it is a great place for finding everything from fruit, cheese, fish to clothes, cosmetics or any other type of household items.


Attend De Parade Theatre Festival in Amsterdam


De Parade Theatre Festival is organized each year during the second half of August and offers more than 80 distinct shows to its public. Of course, on the grounds of the festival you will get the chance to taste delicious foods from food trucks, as there you can find anything you might think of.

This is the go-to festival in Amsterdam for those that are passionate about theatre, as a multitude of open-air short or full-length performances are set up. Also, due to the international interests it receives each year, several shows are organized in English for non-Dutch speakers.


Attend Grachtenfestival Amsterdam


Establish back in 1997, the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam underlines once more the importance of classical music and jazz in Netherlands. This festival is organized in the Amsterdam Old City Centre, featuring as venues distinct public buildings, museums or even pontoon boats.

Of course, each year consecrated international artists are invited to perform during the festival days, yet young artists are also very important, as they are encouraged to perform and start a promising career. What makes this festival even more interesting, is the fact that participants get the chance to pitch their own ideas. The best performing artists will receive the chance of performing their own concert on the exquisite Concertgebouw.

In our opinion, attending a concert during Grachtenfestival is the perfect ending for a summer trip to Amsterdam due to the fact that you will get the chance of experiencing what makes this city so unique and intriguing while listening to the most impressive compositions.

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