When in Amsterdam, These Dishes Are a Must Try!

From sweet to savoury, street food in Amsterdam offers a variety of flavours to try. The tempting food scene of the city will have you craving for the Dutch flavours. There are simply tens of them. In this guide, we have listed 5 best street food dishes in Amsterdam. We also offer a gourmet food tour.  Either way, foodies might want to save a lot of space in that tummy. Bon appetite!


Frites, or Thick Dutch Fries – Aren’t fries found everywhere across the globe? Yes, but you get the best fries in Amsterdam. We bet the thick Dutch fries are hard to find elsewhere. Mentioned in menus as frites or patat, the dish is a bed of crispy fries usually served in a paper cone. Traditionally, it comes slathered with a variety of toppings like onions, mayo, and peanut satay sauce. Frites are a feast on the lips!

Frites tip: Ask for patatje oorlog or speciaal curry at Vleminckx de Sausmeester.


Stroopwafel, or Dutch Sweet Waffles – For all those with an insatiable sweet tooth, Dam offers a delectable treat called Stroopwafel. It is made with two thin and crispy layers of waffles, stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup. The dish is served hot and makes an excellent snack to munch on.

Stroopwafel tip: We suggest you enjoy them hot and gooey from Original Stroopwafel food kiosk in Albert Cuyp Market. They make the best waffles in Amsterdam.


Bitterballen, or Dutch Meatballs – This is a dish you will find in the menus of most local eateries. Traditionally prepared with molten beef and creamy roux, the Dutch meatballs are often relished with mustard dip. Crispy and delicious, Bitterballen is usually eaten alongside biertje or beer. We warn you to resist the first bite of this meaty snack for as long as possible because the white roux sauce inside is always piping hot.

Bitterballen tip: Enjoy a couple of Belgian drinks with a large platter of bitterballen at Winkel 43.


Raw Haring, or Raw Dutch Herring – Haring is another famous, typically-Dutch street food in Amsterdam. You will find haring stands at every nook and corner of the city. The fish is usually served with a garnish of chopped onions and pickle pieces. While tasting frozen and salted herring might sound scary to the uninitiated, a try is totally worth it! Most people fall in love with the taste of it immediately after the very first bite.

Haring tip: Head straight to Stubbe’s Haring street kiosk to taste the best quality haring. Ask for broodje haring to get the fish served in a sandwich.


Poffertjes, or Dutch PancakesPoffertjes are scrummy sugary treats that are traditionally served with butter and powdered sugar. Do not forget to enjoy some of these poffertjes with Nutella. They taste so good that you might end up having the entire platter all by yourself. Who could have thought that pancakes could be so addictive!

Poffertjes tip: The best place to try delicious poffertjes is Pancakes Amsterdam. Here, you can create custom pancakes too.


If you are interested in exploring Amsterdam’s local food culture with a guide, then we offer the perfect food excursion tour for you. We have thoughtfully curated the tour to make sure you get to taste every single one of our local Dutch flavours. Our tour is led by a local Amsterdam food guide, who walks you through Old Church, China Town, Royal Palace, and the narrowest street of Amsterdam. We promise the best 2 hours of pure epicurean pleasures. You will unravel the rich Dutch food culture and go home with happy palates.

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